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Victoire Pisa steals the show

Sure, there were seven other races at the 2011 Dubai World Cup meeting, but most everyone is going to remember the big one.  To say that the masses cried would be an understatement.  Dry eyes were the exception throughout Meydan.  It started with the daughter of owner Yoshimi Ichikawa, wailing away as her father’s horse passed the wire first, and spread like a wildfire.  Needless to say, it was a moment of unparalleled racing history, buoyed by a tragedy that expounded the impact of the race’s result.  In the coming days, DubaiRaceNight.com will provide a run down of our various thoughts from the entire day of racing, sharing our pictures from the big day as well.  But for now, we sit back and bask in the glow of a magnificent result.  Stay tuned!

Below, Victoire Pisa gets to the winner’s enclosure before the connections, and Sheikh Mohammed embraces the granddaughters of Yoshimi Ichikawa, Sayaka and Lisa Kitiwaki. 

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  1. Overall, from top to bottom, this was another great carnival with a lot of top class horses racing from day one until the end. I do however think that some are starting to call the tapeta surface into question for the Dubai World Cup? Not because Victoire Pisa won the race. He was certainly one of a few with the kind of talent necessary to win the race. But because this is the second running of the race on tapeta, and both DWC’s have been run at a real crawl. A snail’s pace, if you will. This is not only the opinion of myself, but I’ve seen these same kind of comments on many racing web-sites from all over the world. Primarily in America and Europe.

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