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Still no quarantine resolution for DeKock runners

South African shippers to the Dubai World Cup Carnival are still potentially subject to a quarantine restriction top trainer Mike de Kock feels is unwarranted, which might keep some of the top performers from his barn back at home.  Geoffrey Riddle from The National has the full story.

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  1. This is an issue that SORELY needs to get resolved very quickly!! Given that Mike De Kock is one of the Carnival’s top trainers, year in and year out, and one of very few trainers at the Carnival that’s able to compete with the shear volume of good horses that Godolphin throws at these races, surely a compromise can be reached? Because if Mike De Kock starts leaving his best horses at home back in South Africa, then the Dubai Carnival will lose a great deal of appeal to a lot racing fan’s, IMO. No one will be interested in checking to see which Godolphin horse won which race? TJMO.

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