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Retire Diamond Stripes – Please!

The winner of the 2008 Godolphin Mile, Diamond Stripes has fallen on hard times, and continuing to race is doing nothing to help the son of Notebook.  After his Godolphin Mile victory, he was off for nearly two years before returning in a conditions event at Gulfstream Park, finishing fourth beaten seven lengths.  Off another 18 months, he was entered at Remington Park in Oklahoma in October, finishing seventh beaten 18 lengths.  Then dropped into a claiming race, where horses can be purchased, the old gray gelding was claimed for $15,000 in a race where he trailed through most of the race, finishing seventh beaten 20 lengths.  Just yesterday, at Sunland Park in New Mexico, Diamond Stripes was last, beaten almost 30 lengths, racing for a bottom rung, $5,000 claiming tag.  In his three starts since returning from an 18-month break, he’s been soundly defeated by nearly 60 lengths.

Diamond Stripes wins the 2008 Godolphin Mile
Better days – coming back from the Godolphin Mile victory under Edgar Prado

This soon-to-be 9-year-old has done good things on the track – no need to do more.  Please retire Diamond Stripes.


  1. I have some contacts in New Mexico, let me see if we can’t offer a retirement for the horse.

    Sharla Sanders, Founder/Director
    The Second Race

  2. Please owner and trainer. Do the right thing for this hard knocking runner. Give him the retirement he deserves. Do not, I repeat do not – sell him to a killer buyer. Apparently Pat Cummings who has set up this Post is watching what happens to this horse. There are plenty of throughbred rescue organizations that will be happy to help you find him a retirement home. PLEASE RETIRE THIS HORSE!

  3. The powers that be are working on it .

  4. It’s in negotiation as we speak. The ball is in the owner’s court.

  5. I can’t say it loud enough….PLEASE…retire Diamond Stripes !!

  6. His last trainer was Chris Hartman, contact him or his wife Hilary via Sunland Park. tThey always try to find good post racing homes for their horses, I’m sure he wil be ok

  7. Please let this horse have an easy life.

  8. I can’t say much about what is going on with this boy but I can ask that everyone please let it be for now. Someone is working on getting him and he WILL have an awesome home. Please let them do their thing..

  9. What a face. Hoping that everyone takes good care of him. They deserve that, at least.

  10. Mary Adkins-Matthews

    The horse is well cared for and will be given a good home later. There is no need to worry! The trainer has had many many calls in regards to this horses retirement so he is NOT at risk

  11. Thanks to Chris Hartman and Mrs. Rogers Diamond Stripes arrived at Old Friends this morning…Happy New Year…We’re very excited to have this amazing athlete at our Georgetown, Kentucky farm…I know he’ll have lots of visitors and we’ll be posting some pictures later this week…Thanks to everyone…michael

  12. Wow, Michael. What a magnificent result. Your organization is truly a saver, and deserving of all its accolades. Cheers to you and Old Friends.

  13. I followed Diamond Stripes closely since I was 11 years old when he won the Meadowlands Cup followed by the Godolphin Mile. The big mystery is why Dutrow layed him off for so long after his Godolphin victory. He made one more start for Dutrow in 2010 before being aquired by Doyle Williams. If you can contact Dutrow or Four Roses Throughbred than do so…

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