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Dubai World Cup re-hash throughout the week

As the connections announce their future intentions with Dubai World Cup meeting participants, we will keep you updated as events warrant.  While we let the magical night of the 2010 Dubai World Cup sink in, expect more substantive recaps from DubaiRaceNight.com over the next week.  There is much to discuss!

Also, coming up soon, Mandy Haskin provides her take on a first-timer’s visit to the Dubai World Cup in “Chronicles from Dubai.”  We are glad you joined us over this magical week in Dubai!


  1. John Horton, Jr.

    Great race card this year at Meydan. I did pretty well betting the card. I followed the whole racing carnival from January through March via RacingUK. So I used both Gloria De Campeao and Allybar on some of my tickets, because both had already been at Meydan for awhile, and both were racing quite successfully there. By best hit other than GDC, was picking Dar Re Mi to win the Sheema Classic. I just couldn’t resist using that great race-mare going off at 9-1. I also used Spanish Moon to place, and Cavalryman to place. What’s ironic, I wanted to use both Spanish Moon in the Sheema, and Allybar in the World Cup to show. But at American OTB’s there was no “show pool” wagering. Which I felt was quite ridiculous considering the size of every field on the DWC card. I also used Bankable on a place ticket in the Duty Free. I missed Mutheeb, playing a place ticket on him in the Golden Sheehan. But overall, I did well, and really enjoyed the event. Everyone really got to see a lot of quality horses race from all over the world.

  2. John Horton, Jr.

    Outstanding individual performances by both Gloria De Campeao in the World Cup, and Dar Re Mi in the Sheema Classic. I was really very impressed by both of those horses in-particular.

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