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Dubai Racing – “Moments of the Decade” – #3 – Mystical scores two Carnival wins for India

It is, after all, the Dubai INTERNATIONAL Racing Carnival.  That moment was solidified when Mystical won two races at the 2007 Carnival, inspiring the belief that a good horse is a good horse, just about anywhere; and more so, if that good horse heads to Dubai, you have an opportunity to make a mark.  Mystical had 14 wins from 17 starts in his home country and showed up at Nad Al Sheba with the hope of the subcontinent, not an insignficant burden.  Owner Zavaray Poonawalla declared that Mystical’s Carnival wins were two of the biggest moments in the troubled history of Indian horse racing.  Trainer Subbaiah Ganapathy took the pressure to heart, literally, suffering a heart attack soon after Mystical’s first win in the desert.

These two races may have been a tipping point in promoting the expansion of the Carnival to make it truly international.  In the two seasons since, horses from the UK, Ireland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Russia, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, South Africa, and Mauritius have competed for the big prizes, and this list is hardly comprehensive.  The quality of the race video below is not the greatest - but the performances speak for themselves.


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