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Dettori will ride in Dubai, and for Godolphin

The ravaging media have feasted on the story that Frankie Dettori was, for all intents, sacked by Godolphin, albeit slowly, over the last year.  Geoffrey Riddle writes that Dettori will be back, in Dubai, and according to agent Ray Cochrane, likely to ride for Godolphin, just not under contractual retainer.


  1. Didn’t take a rocket scientist to see this decision coming from Frankie Dettori. Every since Godolphin signed Mickail Barzalona and Silvestre De Sousa to ride for the stable exclusively at the end of the 2012 Dubai Carnival, Godolphin’s racing manager, Simon Crisford, has been treating Frankie Dettori like the fat girl at the dance. A huge mistake on his part too, IMO. To summarily dismiss Frankie Dettori as anything other than still one of the most clutch, big money riders in the sport is wrong, and it short changes Dettori’s ability, IMO. Let me put it another way. Give me a thoroughbred good enough to run a major G1 race and I’d pick Dettori to ride for me over Barazlona or De Sousa seven days a week and twice on Sunday. Sheikh Mohammed has somehow managed to let the one jockey who’s defined the stable for the past 18 seasons get away, and I think it’s a big mistake on Godolphin’s part. I wonder now if Coolmore might not consider snatching Dettori up for 2 or 3 seasons until he starts talking retirement? They never did really settle the issue of who their #1 stable jockey was going to be after Johnny Murtagh left? Joseph O’Brien just sort of gradually eased himself into the role, but I think his size and weight is about to catch up with him. When it does, it will once again leave Coolmore with a void for a top jockey.

  2. Agreed. The bluster from many media outlets is mind blowing as this has been seen from a long way out.

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