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2015 Dubai Racing Comprehensive: Accepted, expected, or possible Carnival runners

So who is competing at the 2015 Carnival? Exactly? We always wait and see what comes in the entry box before you absolutely know someone is going to appear. Many are invited, but not all take-up their spot in the UAE. The lifetime form for each of these horses is currently available on the Emirates Racing Authority website. Enter a name in the search function and have at it.

What you will not see in the lists below are horses trained by Saeed bin Suroor or Charlie Appleby. As has been the case for years, horses racing under the Godolphin banner typically do not appear on the ERA site until they are in the initial entries for a race. Much conjecture in the UAE, however, suggests that the overall number of Godolphin horses in Dubai for this season are down from previous Carnivals. Time will tell.

We have divided the list of runners into two categories. Immediately below are the horses technically eligible for Carnival races based on their available ratings by the Emirates Racing Authority as of January 2, 2015. The vast majority of Carnival races require horses to be rated 95 or higher. An exception, however, are races for 3-year-olds. Below this initial list is a secondary listing of horses reportedly accepted for the Carnival by the Dubai Racing Club, but are not yet in country, or with a public handicap rating.

Also, take note that the condition book published by the ERA suggests that there will be one non-Carnival-eligible handicap on some nights, typically for horses rated between 80 and 94. Horses with that eligibility are not noted here.

Horse Trainer Dirt # Turf #
Fiscal (GB) Al Jahouri, Majed 78 95
Capital Attraction (USA) Al Ketbi, Salem 113 108
Touch Gold (IRE) Al Ketbi, Salem 95 95
Atlantic Brave (GB) Al Muhairi, Musabah 93 93
Colmar Kid (IRE) Al Muhairi, Musabah 109 109
Fityaan (GB) Al Muhairi, Musabah 100 100
Innocuous (GB) Al Muhairi, Musabah 88 95
Interpret (USA) Al Muhairi, Musabah 109 102
Kanaf (IRE) Al Muhairi, Musabah 98 98
Mashaaref (GB) Al Muhairi, Musabah 107 100
Modern History (IRE) Al Muhairi, Musabah 104 104
Muarrab (GB) Al Muhairi, Musabah 113 113
Mushir (GB) Al Muhairi, Musabah 100 100
Rafeej (GB) Al Muhairi, Musabah 110 107
Russian Rock (IRE) Al Muhairi, Musabah 102 102
Shaishee (USA) Al Muhairi, Musabah 104 104
Silver Galaxy (GB) Al Muhairi, Musabah 97 97
Straight Talk (IRE) Al Muhairi, Musabah 98 98
Tamarkuz (USA) Al Muhairi, Musabah 105 105
Tanfeeth (GB) Al Muhairi, Musabah 98 98
Derbaas (USA) Al Raihe, Ali 97 97
Encipher (USA) Al Raihe, Ali 105 105
Ertijaal (IRE) Al Raihe, Ali 104 104
Haatheq (USA) Al Raihe, Ali 104 104
Mufarrh (IRE) Al Raihe, Ali 106 106
Mundahesh (IRE) Al Raihe, Ali 95 95
Mutajare (IRE) Al Raihe, Ali 110 104
Nawwaar (USA) Al Raihe, Ali 105 105
Prince Of All (GB) Al Raihe, Ali 110 110
Tamaathul (GB) Al Raihe, Ali 104 104
Yaseer (IRE) Al Raihe, Ali 80 95
Zain Shamardal (IRE) Al Raihe, Ali 100 100
Sadeek’s Song (USA) Al Subouse, Mohammed 95 95
Prepared (GB) Albloushi, Hassan 97 97
Switzerland (IRE) Albloushi, Hassan 95 90
Bannock (IRE) bin Harmash, Ahmad 97 97
Busker (USA) bin Harmash, Ahmad 100 100
Ducab (IRE) bin Harmash, Ahmad 97 97
Ennobled Friend (USA) bin Harmash, Ahmad 102 102
Firebeam (GB) bin Harmash, Ahmad 97 97
Handsome Man (IRE) bin Harmash, Ahmad 97 97
Iguazu Falls (USA) bin Harmash, Ahmad 85 110
Jamr (GB) bin Harmash, Ahmad 108 108
Samurai Sword (GB) bin Harmash, Ahmad 106 106
Tarbawi (IRE) bin Harmash, Ahmad 95 100
Topclas (FR) bin Harmash, Ahmad 102 102
Zurbriggen (GB) bin Harmash, Ahmad 104 104
Le Drakkar (AUS) bin Huzaim, Abdullah 105 105
Spirit of Battle (USA) bin Huzaim, Abdullah 99 99
Submariner (USA) bin Huzaim, Abdullah 95 95
Mccartney (GER) Bouresly, Rashed 100 100
Caspian Prince (IRE) Carroll, Anthony 105 105
Madeed (GB) Charpy, Erwan 94 94
Pied A Terre (AUS) Charpy, Erwan 91 95
Sefri (USA) Charpy, Erwan 97 97
Zamaam (GB) Charpy, Erwan 99 99
Prince Alzain (USA) Cowell, Robert 104 98
Speed Hawk (USA) Cowell, Robert 102 102
Zain Eagle (GB) Cowell, Robert 97 97
Ad Idem (SAF) de Kock, Mike 90 90
Ajeeb (NZ) de Kock, Mike 110 110
Ajwad (ARG) de Kock, Mike 95 95
Almoonqith (USA) de Kock, Mike 95 95
Anaerobio (ARG) de Kock, Mike 112 112
Atomic Rush (SAF) de Kock, Mike 104 104
Banaadeer (IRE) de Kock, Mike 108 108
Captain Lars (SAF) de Kock, Mike 102 102
Contador (SAF) de Kock, Mike 108 111
Darwin (USA) de Kock, Mike 113 113
Disa Leader (SAF) de Kock, Mike 102 102
El Estruendoso (ARG) de Kock, Mike 105 105
Flying the Flag (IRE) de Kock, Mike 106 106
Forries Waltz (SAF) de Kock, Mike 104 104
Fountain of Youth (IRE) de Kock, Mike 107 107
Full Combat (SAF) de Kock, Mike 98 98
Johann Strauss (GB) de Kock, Mike 102 102
Lehaaf (ARG) de Kock, Mike 90 97
Master Plan (SAF) de Kock, Mike 113 113
Mastermind (SAF) de Kock, Mike 95 95
Merhee (AUS) de Kock, Mike 100 106
Mickdaam (IRE) de Kock, Mike 105 108
Mubtaahij (GB) de Kock, Mike 90 90
Mujaarib (AUS) de Kock, Mike 113 113
Mushreq (AUS) de Kock, Mike 111 111
Pylon (SAF) de Kock, Mike 113 113
Red Ray (SAF) de Kock, Mike 111 111
Rock Cocktail (AUS) de Kock, Mike 105 105
Royal Ridge (SAF) de Kock, Mike 106 106
Sanshaawes (SAF) de Kock, Mike 113 113
Shahrasal (AUS) de Kock, Mike 91 91
Star Empire (SAF) de Kock, Mike 110 110
Sugar Boy (IRE) de Kock, Mike 106 106
Toscanelli (IRE) de Kock, Mike 102 102
Umgiyo (AUS) de Kock, Mike 102 102
Vercingetorix (SAF) de Kock, Mike 118 118
Via Africa (SAF) de Kock, Mike 111 111
Whistle Stop (SAF) de Kock, Mike 101 101
Yorker (SAF) de Kock, Mike 119 119
Zahee (NZ) de Kock, Mike 113 113
Castle Guest (IRE) Halford, Michael 100 100
Certerach (IRE) Halford, Michael 109 109
Eastern Rules (IRE) Halford, Michael 108 108
Kernoff (IRE) Halford, Michael 104 104
Rummaging (IRE) Halford, Michael 96 96
Russian Soul (IRE) Halford, Michael 107 107
Slipper Orchid (IRE) Halford, Michael 100 100
Wychwood Warrior (IRE) Halford, Michael 90 90
Avon Pearl (GB) Haugen, Rune 102 102
Quarterback (GER) Haugen, Rune 95 95
Roi De Vitesse (IRE) Jan, Ali 100 100
Van Rooney (USA) Jan, Ali 102 102
Fire Fighting (IRE) Johnston, Mark 102 102
Sennockian Star (GB) Johnston, Mark 106 106
Surewecan (GB) Johnston, Mark 96 96
Ayahuasca (USA) Kodama, Takashi 108 108
Elusive Time (IRE) Kodama, Takashi 97 97
Emirate’s Girl (ARG) Kodama, Takashi 110 110
Scighera (GB) Kodama, Takashi 102 102
Sociologa Inc (ARG) Kodama, Takashi 109 109
Berling (IRE) Long, Jessica 105 105
Volatile (SWE) Long, Jessica 100 100
Elleval (IRE) Marnane, David 107 107
Jamesie (IRE) Marnane, David 108 108
Line of Reason (IRE) Midgley, Paul 104 104
Monsieur Joe (IRE) Midgley, Paul 102 102
Counterglow (IRE) Mohammed, Ismail 100 100
Rostrum (FR) Mohammed, Ismail 100 100
Asmar (IRE) Nass, Fawzi 111 111
Hototo (GB) Nass, Fawzi 106 106
Earth Drummer (IRE) O’Meara, David 98 98
Fattsota (GB) O’Meara, David 101 101
Frontier Fighter (GB) O’Meara, David 100 90
Robert The Painter (IRE) O’Meara, David 96 96
Another Party (FR) Osborne, Jamie 106 106
Short Squeeze (IRE) Palmer, Hugo 107 107
Bank of Burden (USA) Petersen, Niels 110 110
Beat Baby (IRE) Petersen, Niels 104 104
Duke Derby (IRE) Petersen, Niels 102 102
Energia El Gigante (BRZ) Petersen, Niels 110 110
Eye In The Sky (IRE) Petersen, Niels 105 105
Horatio Bloom (SWE) Petersen, Niels 90 90
Icecapada (IRE) Petersen, Niels 95 95
Liebling (GB) Petersen, Niels 95 95
Over The Ocean (USA) Petersen, Niels 105 105
Plantagenet (SPA) Petersen, Niels 97 97
Silver Ocean (USA) Petersen, Niels 100 100
Wild Citizen (USA) Petersen, Niels 95 95
Without Fear (FR) Petersen, Niels 107 107
Ajjaadd (USA) Powell, Ted 102 102
Mortga (FR) Ramadan, Mohammed 102 102
Gilform (USA) Reuterskiold, Fredrik 97 97
Secret Admirer (USA) Reuterskiold, Fredrik 102 102
Sir Freddie (USA) Reuterskiold, Fredrik 96 96
Ocean Tempest (GB) Ryan, John 110 110
Tenor (IRE) Ryan, John 107 110
Glory Awaits (IRE) Ryan, Kevin 107 107
Antinori (IRE) Seemar, Satish 95 95
Conveyance (USA) Seemar, Satish 102 102
Expense Claim (IRE) Seemar, Satish 97 97
Farrier (USA) Seemar, Satish 104 104
Genius Step (IRE) Seemar, Satish 96 96
Gold City (IRE) Seemar, Satish 110 110
Gold Pearl (USA) Seemar, Satish 100 95
He’sminenotyours (USA) Seemar, Satish 96 96
Inthar (USA) Seemar, Satish 98 98
Layali Al Andalus (GB) Seemar, Satish 95 98
Mawhub (GB) Seemar, Satish 98 98
Moonlight Dash (GB) Seemar, Satish 98 98
Nine Realms (GB) Seemar, Satish 105 105
Ottoman Empire (FR) Seemar, Satish 104 104
Price is Truth (USA) Seemar, Satish 98 98
Rassam (IRE) Seemar, Satish 95 95
Reynaldothewizard (USA) Seemar, Satish 113 113
Start Right (GB) Seemar, Satish 105 105
Surfer (USA) Seemar, Satish 112 112
Tahaamah (GB) Seemar, Satish 97 97
Take Ten (GB) Seemar, Satish 98 98
Temple Meads (GB) Seemar, Satish 95 100
Zambucca (SAF) Seemar, Satish 102 102
Ashaadd (IRE) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 83 100
Dormello (IRE) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 102 102
Forjatt (IRE) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 112 112
Grand Salute (BRZ) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 110 110
Jaasoos (IRE) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 101 101
Master of War (GB) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 104 104
Morawij (GB) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 95 95
Roicead (USA) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 107 107
Saayerr (GB) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 105 105
Sholaan (IRE) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 106 106
United Color (USA) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 110 110
Yaa Wayl (IRE) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 97 101
Yarroom (IRE) Selvaratnam, Dhruba 85 96
Cooptado (ARG) Watson, Doug 113 113
Dafeef (GB) Watson, Doug 100 100
Do It All (USA) Watson, Doug 100 100
Dux Scholar (GB) Watson, Doug 111 111
Faulkner (GB) Watson, Doug 97 97
Henry Clay (USA) Watson, Doug 100 100
Jally (IRE) Watson, Doug 101 101
Jawhar (IRE) Watson, Doug 100 100
Jutland (GB) Watson, Doug 105 105
Kilt Rock (IRE) Watson, Doug 95 95
Limario (GER) Watson, Doug 110 110
Meandre (FR) Watson, Doug 113 113
My Catch (IRE) Watson, Doug 102 102
Muannid (GB) Watson, Doug 97 97
Shamaal Nibras (USA) Watson, Doug 99 99
Shebebi (USA) Watson, Doug 88 95
Slumdogmillionaire (SAF) Watson, Doug 105 105
So Beautiful (IRE) Watson, Doug 100 100
Storm Belt (USA) Watson, Doug 105 105
The Taj (USA) Watson, Doug 104 104
Washaar (IRE) Watson, Doug 98 98
Sir Maximilian (IRE) Williams, Ian 108 108

Below, you will find the list of Carnival-accepted horses who do not have a rating from the Emirates Racing Authority as of January 2, 2015. These horses were accepted on the basis of some interest offered by their trainer or potential trainer. A few of them have raced in the UAE in the past, but their form since then is not updated, and as such, appear on this list instead of the one above. Some of the horses listed are even with other trainers as of this publishing, and others have acknowledged they are not going. That said, we still expect to see plenty of these horses in the UAE at some point this year.

Caravan Rolls On (GB) O’Brien, Danny
Koller (ARG) Nickel Filho, Pedro
Bethania (USA) Nickel Filho, Pedro
Teletext (USA) Bary, Pascal
Amaron (GB) Lowe, Andreas
Empoli (GER) Schiergen, Peter
Longina (GER) Schiergen, Peter
Lucky Speed (IRE) Schiergen, Peter
Mogadishio (FR) Smrczek, Sascha
Vif Monsieur (GER) Smrczek, Sascha
Parish Hall (IRE) Bolger, Jim
Alcatraz (IRE) Levins, Johnny
Balmont Mast (IRE) Lynam, Edward
Sole Power (GB) Lynam, Edward
Brendan Brackan (IRE) Lyons, Ger
Avenue Montaigne (IRE) Murphy, John
Unorthodox (IRE) Murphy, John
Mutual Regard (IRE) Murtagh, John
Behesht (FR) Weld, Dermot
Producer (GB) Weld, Dermot
Afonso De Sousa (USA) Haugen, Rune
Cristoforo Colombo (USA) Haugen, Rune
Fearless Hunter (GER) Haugen, Rune
Festive Cheer (FR) Haugen, Rune
Jinsha Lake (IRE) Haugen, Rune
Probably (IRE) Haugen, Rune
Sudirman (USA) Haugen, Rune
Angel Light (SWE) Petersen, Niels
Cheyenne Warrior (AUS) Burridge, Steven
Wild Geese (GB) Burridge, Steven
Black King (TUR) Aydemir, Sefik
Suzi Gold (TUR) Given, Aden
Adakarasi (TUR) Harmanbasi, Hakan
Yildirimbey (TUR) Yilmaz, Adil
Krypton Factor (GB) Nass, Fawzi
Casual Dream (ARG) Seemar, Satish
Cool Cowboy (USA) Watson, Doug
Empire Storm (GER) Attwater, Michael
Professor (GB) Attwater, Michael
Belgian Bill (GB) Baker, George
Boomshackerlacker (IRE) Baker, George
Runner Runner (IRE) Baker, George
Havana Beat (IRE) Balding, Andrew
Side Glance (GB) Balding, Andrew
Astrelle (IRE) Botti, Marco
Edu Querido (BRZ) Botti, Marco
Energia Davos (BRZ) Botti, Marco
Energia Fox (BRZ) Botti, Marco
Energia Fribby (BRZ) Botti, Marco
Euro Charline (GB) Botti, Marco
Foxtrot Romeo (IRE) Botti, Marco
Moohaarib (IRE) Botti, Marco
Naadirr (IRE) Botti, Marco
Seismos (IRE) Botti, Marco
Yeenaan (FR) Botti, Marco
Wind Fire (USA) Brown, David
Elidor (GB) Channon, Mick
Lincoln (IRE) Channon, Mick
Shore Step (IRE) Channon, Mick
Wee Jean (GB) Channon, Mick
Arod (IRE) Chapple-Hyam, Peter
Captain Cat (IRE) Charlton, Roger
Ayaar (IRE) Cumani, Luca
Brown Panther (GB) Dascombe, Tom
Fieldsman (USA) Dunlop, Ed
God Willing (GB) Dunlop, Ed
Red Avenger (USA) Dunlop, Ed
Medicean Man (GB) Gask, Jeremy
Take Cover (GB) Griffiths, David
Mirza (GB) Guest, Rae
Arabian Comet (IRE) Haggas, William
Graphic (IRE) Haggas, William
Our Channel (USA) Haggas, William
Baltic Knight (IRE) Hannon, Richard
Kool Kompany (IRE) Hannon, Richard
Magic City (IRE) Hannon, Richard
Night of Thunder (IRE) Hannon, Richard
Ninjago (GB) Hannon, Richard
Osaila (IRE) Hannon, Richard
Pether’s Moon (IRE) Hannon, Richard
Shifting Power (GB) Hannon, Richard
Toormore (IRE) Hannon, Richard
Zurigha (IRE) Hannon, Richard
Jallota (GB) Hills, Charlie
Just the Judge (IRE) Hills, Charlie
Kiyoshi (GB) Hills, Charlie
Lancelot Du Lac (ITY) Ivory, Dean
Sirius Prospect (USA) Ivory, Dean
Tropics (USA) Ivory, Dean
Aussie Reigns (IRE) Knight, William
Lucky Kristale (GB) Margarson, George
Rebellious Guest (GB) Margarson, George
Glen Moss (IRE) Meade, Martyn
Big Baz (IRE) Muir, William
Grandeur (IRE) Noseda, Jeremy
Sloane Avenue (USA) Noseda, Jeremy
Alejandro (IRE) O’Meara, David
Louis The Pious (GB) O’Meara, David
High on Life (GB) Osborne, Jamie
Toast of New York (USA) Osborne, Jamie
Dark Emerald (IRE) Powell, Brendan
Beyond Empire (USA) Simcock, David
Calling Out (FR) Simcock, David
Caspar Netscher (GB) Simcock, David
Glass Office (GB) Simcock, David
Horsted Keynes (FR) Simcock, David
Noble Citizen (USA) Simcock, David
Padlock (IRE) Simcock, David
Sheikhzayedroad (GB) Simcock, David
Trade Storm (GB) Simcock, David
Victoria Regina (IRE) Simcock, David
Whispering Warrior (IRE) Simcock, David
Moviesta (USA) Smart, Bryan
Extortionist (IRE) Stevens, Olly
Gamesome (FR) Stevens, Olly
Green Door (IRE) Stevens, Olly
Lightning Thunder (GB) Stevens, Olly
Peace And War (USA) Stevens, Olly
Ruwaiyan (USA) Tate, James
Bronze Angel (IRE) Tregoning, Marcus
Suzi’s Connoisseur (GB) Williams, Stuart
High Blade (BRZ) Colombo, Richard
Sir Fever (URU) Piriz, Jorge
Don’t Blame Me (USA) Benzel, Seth
Flashy American (USA) Benzel, Seth
Golden Ticket (USA) Benzel, Seth
Jumpin Frac Flash (USA) Benzel, Seth
Marchman (USA) Benzel, Seth
The Truth or Else (USA) Benzel, Seth
Up With the Birds (USA) Benzel, Seth
Dimension (GB) Murphy, Conor

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